Pain relief during labour

According to leading private obstetrician Dr Ashok Kumar there are a number of options for pain relief during labour.

On the off chance that you’ve ruled against drugs , there’s a few various things you can do actually that may help to help a portion of the torment. These include:

Warmth – Warmth is an awesome approach to unwind muscles, and can help you amid work particularly in the early stages. You could utilize a wheat sack to warm your lower back or crotch, or utilize a heated water bottle in a comparable manner

Hot shower or birthing pool – A steaming shower can help you to unwind and make your withdrawals less extraordinary. Numerous ladies discover they feel less torment and less inclined to utilize torment mitigating drugs when utilizing a birthing pool

Breathing to unwind – By concentrating on your breathing you can unwind all the more effectively and facilitate the torment of your constrictions. It’s best to take a full breath through your nose and out for your mouth guaranteeing you keep a decent cadence concentrating on taking in as your compression begins and out as the constriction blurs.

Obstetrician Dr Ashok recommends the following for those looking for something perhaps more effective in dealing with the pain.

Gas and air

Gas and air – or Entonox – is a blend of oxygen and nitrous oxide which you take in by means of a mouthpiece as every constriction begins. It has no impact on your infant, and you can remain in control of the amount you breathe in. Be that as it may, it can dry your mouth out so keep some lip analgesic to hand!

TENS machines

TENS machines are extraordinary in early work and can truly lift the spirits your twinges. They work by conveying small electronic stuns by means of little cushions which you stick on to your lower back – the present then animates your nerves to help assuage the agony. You will likely need to purchase or contract one of these secretly.



Pethidine is given by an infusion in your thigh or base, and will help you to “separation” yourself from the agony of your constrictions. On the off chance that your work is long, it might likewise empower you to get some rest. In any case, a few mums discover it makes them feel mixed up or wiped out.


According to Dr Ashok who is a leading London Obstetrician and a member of The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, an epidural is a sedative which is infused into your lower back. It will numb you starting from the waist. It takes around 20 minutes to set up, and has a quick impact. Be that as it may, a few mums say their epidural left them with here and now spinal pain. There is likewise an expanded danger of requiring a forceps or ventouse conveyance on the off chance that you have an epidural.

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