Questions to ask your gynecologist

Questions to ask your Gynecologist

As women, we have been trained since the teenage years to have our yearly physical and Pap exam. According to a Dr Mahantesh Karoshi, a leading London Gynecologist here are the most common questions I hear from my patients while doing their exam and why it’s important you feel comfortable asking!
Many women experience bumps in the vaginal area for a variety of reasons. Sometimes even a mirror with excellent lighting is no match against showing your provider.Normal discharge occurs throughout your month in response to hormones and whether you are ovulating or not. A quick swab test can confirm if it’s normal or not.
Have you ever noticed a bulge or bump up inside your vagina or maybe saw something in the mirror? Sometimes they are mild enough that pelvic floor physical therapy can help however more severe cases may require surgery.

Some women experience pain during intercourse, with insertion of a tampon or during the actual Pap exam when I insert the speculum. Whatever the reason, talk with your healthcare provider about getting to the source of the pain.
This too may require pelvic floor physical therapy, perhaps it’s from a long standing infection, or counseling sessions may be in order.
Some women experience spotting around ovulation (generally normal) or just before the onset of their menstrual cycle. If the spotting increases, changes, or occurs after intercourse then let your doctor know because it may be something like a polyp visible on exam. Hormone changes may also cause spotting, either from your own hormones or if you are on hormones.

Please talk with your healthcare provider as soon as you are concerned. While your fears may be over something “normal,” it’s better to know for certain and get some testing if need be. To speak with a gynecologist london please visit

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